Preview of the NEW

Here is a preview of the new artwork for the top of the pages on the site.  Each page on the new site will have unique images so you know what page you are on, but there will still be a unifying design among all the pages.

The banner at the top of the page will also be unique depending on what page you are visiting.  The main Welcome page is pretty much done.  I am now working on adding database systems to other pages on the site.  This is hard.  I wish I could pay someone to create this stuff, but I can’t afford anyone right now.  I will get this yet.  Here is a preview of one of the banners (which I am putting at the bottom of this post even though it will eventually appear at the top of the page):

Author: Brian Kirwan

Brian Creates is an animator, artist, musician, writer, and film maker.  His actual name is Brian Kirwan, but it's hard to spell (let alone pronounce).

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