The Truck and Sister Story

Truck Lu Shelle and her sister, Sister La Nae, were born in Fontana, California, to a proud adoptive parent, Patti (my wife), in 1987. Truck’s name came from Patti’s want for an actual truck at the time Truck was born. She had a hearty appetite from her earliest days. When Patti placed Truck’s food down for her to eat in the morning, Truck was always ready for feasting. Patti would have to call for her sister and the name Sister stuck.

Truck soon developed an adventurous nature that took several of her 9 lives. Her 4th and 5th lives were taken one day in 1990 when a Rottweiler managed to grab one of her back legs with his teeth. An attempt was made to save the leg, but it could not be preserved. She could still get around just fine, thank you very much, with some self created handicap adaptations. She clawed her way to get on beds, couches, and, periodically, human arms and legs if they happen be in her way. As a monkey uses his or her tail to balance, so Truck used her tail to even the uneven waters of strolling through the house and backyard. Even after the “incident” of ’90, she had no problem staring down the meanest looking dog through the protective fence of the backyard. Truck and Sister are no longer with us, but their memory will live on forever.

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