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The Brian Kirwan Story:

My name is Brian Kirwan.  I am a creative, talented, responsible, and funny looking person (and now for my good points).  If you care about any of these things, read on.  I offer my story in order to better explain myself and who I am.  Beyond that, I just like to talk about myself.

I was raised in Redlands, California.  My parents instilled in my sister and her bratty brother (me) a sense of imagination that had no boundaries or rules.  I had too many toys growing up, but I had an appreciation for every toy in my collection.  I didn’t have to have the newest or coolest toys; they just had to appeal to me for one reason or another.  My favorite toys (ones I still collect to this day) were clay, a piece of paper and pencil, or building blocks of one kind or another.  They were flexible toys.  You could make whatever plaything you wanted out of them.  The manufactured toys were boring compared to the toys of my imagination.

Early on, I had the artist bug.  I would usually draw characters with personalities you could read from the expressions on their faces.  In my mind, I would picture them in animated situations, stories, and adventures.  Unfortunately, they were my friends much of the time.  I had human friends, but none as loyal or entertaining as the characters in my head.  At one point in high school, I literally had no friends.  I wrote a series of “papers” which were my observations about the world mixed with the weirdness that was going on in my head.  I would hand them to people I knew in class (not necessarily friends) and disrupt class because of his or her laughing.  I wasn’t a class clown; I was a class clown’s material writer.  I remember one of the “people I knew” named Dennis.  He would read the “papers” in science class without an expression on his face.  I knew I had entertained him not from his laughter (because he never really laughed), but because he would say, “Do you have any more?”  It was not enthusiastic praise, but it was encouraging.

In college, I gained the anti-virus for the artist bug.  This anti-virus went by the name “life.” I got more and more into music, sometimes working on songs everyday for as much of the day as I could pull away from “life” (usually 4-6 hours).  Even music didn’t manage to gain my full attention.  I still tried to film a movie on video with co-workers and friends (I managed to get some friends by this time), wrote movie and television scripts, and acted in local productions.

I have always had great confidence in my abilities.  I had an overabundance of belief in my potential for doing anything and everything.  I knew that whatever I wanted to accomplish (within reason), I could succeed at doing.  Most of this belief stemmed from my ability to constantly come up with new ideas.  “Writer’s block” never existed for me (which made it hard to get to sleep much of the time).  I am an idea man.  Where I went astray was in trying to do everything.  I lacked focus.  I didn’t lack drive, talent, heart, or a #2 pencil, I lacked a singular goal.  I wanted to be Walt Disney, but every time I looked in the mirror, I saw Brian Kirwan.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoyed seeing Brian Kirwan, but only because he’s funny looking.

I have a degree in English Composition which, as I always say, “I’m using to write this letter” (it’s my favorite line from my favorite fictitious movie inside my head).  As I stated at the beginning of this story, I am a responsible person.  I pay my bills, I help my family fix their computers when “everything disappears,” and I have a full-time job at Disneyland working in Show Services.  In between “life,” I work on animations, drawings, and songs on my computer.  I’ve worked on several animations, drawings, and songs for people in my spare time.  I have studied animation my whole life, but I’ve also taken classes at the Animation Academy in Burbank to learn traditional animation skills.

Animation has been my fascination since I was a child and I hope for it to be my career in the future.  In creating animations, I write the scripts, draw the pictures, perform the songs, act the voices, and edit the movies.  It allows me to use the most of my skills.  My greatest want is to improve animation as a whole.  I want to live up to the animations that I love (The Simpsons, A Bug’s Life, Robin Hood, etc.) and surpass them so that everyone who still has the ability to appreciate animation can do so.  I remember in high school I would come home at lunch and watch a videotape of Disney’s Robin Hood over and over again.  This was not exactly the “cool” thing to do in high school, but it was what I wanted to do and it’s what I still want to do.  If, in reading this letter, you have a need for an “idea man” with the abilities described above, drop me a line.  You won’t regret it.  (Email Brian)

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